Vegetarian Breakfast

Two eggs (fried to your liking), sautéed thyme mushrooms, grilled sweet tomato, concasse baked beans and two slices of whole wheat toast, accompanied by a small fruit salad

Hungry Man’s Breakfast

Fillet of beef (grilled to your liking) served over a bed of Lyonnais potatoes, topped with two eggs (cooked to your liking) and Béarnaise

Eggs Benedict

Two slices of English muffin with ham or salmon, parmesan cheese and two poached eggs, finished off with a creamy hollandaise sauce (optional: a drop of white wine in the sauce!)


Mixed Dried Fruits and Mixed Nuts, Served With Either milk or natural yoghurt

Moniko’s Breakfast Burger

200g of Moniko’s own breakfast pattie of sausage, bacon, black pudding and ground beef, lightly seasoned and flat grilled, topped with an egg of your choice and served with baby potatoes and hollandaise sauce

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Chicken Saltimbocca (“Jumps in your mouth”) Panini

Slices of oven baked chicken breast cooked with caramelized onions, fresh sage, prosciutto ham and smoked mozzarella, layered on a panini roll and drizzled with olive oil

Club Chicken Sandwich

Slices of herb-marinated, oven-roasted tender chicken breast layered over fresh crispy mixed lettuce, fresh roma tomatoes, grilled bacon (optional) and a tasty egg salad

Mediterranean Wrap

Marinated eggplants and zucchini, creamy avocado, crisp red peppers, sautéed thyme mushrooms, sweet onion, oven-baked tomatoes, seasoned feta cheese and fresh crisp lettuce

Campagnolo Chicken Salad

A mix of fresh & crispy lettuce together with slices of herb-marinated and oven-roasted chicken breast with marinated eggplants, zucchini, green olives, succulent sun-dried tomatoes, spiced cheese and green sauce served with an orange vinaigrette

Chicken, Bacon & Cream Pasta

Tagliatelle pasta tossed with chicken and bacon strips (optional) in a creamy white wine sauce

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“Beef Rydberg” (Beef Moniko’s)

A Moniko’s favourite: Swedish dish with chunks of prime beef fillet cooked medium (or to your liking) and served with pan fried potato cubes, chopped gherkins & beetroots with a béarnaise sauce and topped with an egg yolk (optional – egg fried to your liking)

Thai Red Beef Curry (Spiced to your Liking)

Moniko’s Red Curry: Strips of beef fillet, sugar snaps, button mushrooms, baby spinach, sweet succulent cherry tomatoes finished with torn basil leaves in a red curry coconut sauce and served with rice

Vegetarian Burger from the Grill

180g blend of vegetables and grains, seasoned with herbs and spices and chargrilled

Pork Spare Ribs

Overnight marinated and twice cooked spare ribs served with a traditional Louisiana barbeque sauce and oyster broccoli

Moniko’s Herb Crusted Salmon

Norwegian Salmon seasoned in-house with a blend of herbs, twice cooked and finished with an oregano parmesan crumb crust served over sautéed sweet dill spinach with a lemon brandy sauce

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Monikos Gelati Shakes

Made of Italian Ice Cream: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Tiramisu

Elderflower Ice

Vodka, elderflower liquor, lime juice, lemon sorbet and basil

Strawberry Daiquiri

Frozen strawberries, cranberry and rum make it very refreshing

Apple crumble & Amarula Shake

Half portion of apple crumble blended in a vanilla Shake with Amarula

Wine Selection

Wide variety of wines served by the glass and bottle

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